#SundaySmash: The Importance Of Social Networking

It’s once again time for the #SundaySmash article here on my blog and this week I have some great articles to share! If you aren’t sure what my Sunday Smash articles are all about, the Sunday Smash is a feature that I have started doing on a weekly basis to share with you some of the great links that I run in to during the week.

I also find that posting the #SundaySmash feature is a good way to give a nod to the bloggers and authors around the web that have helped me throughout the work week. I hope you guys enjoy this weeks articles!

Importance of Social Networking

Social Media and Business Tips for Business Owners

Business Tips

Business Lessons You Should Not Miss – Young Pre Pro

Why You Want to Give and Receive Brutally Honest Advice – Productive Flourishing

Social Media

Marketers Feel Slighted By Facebook Message Platform – All Facebook

Beware of Twitter Scams – Hellbound Bloggers

Are You Twittering Mostly On Fridays? Everyone Else Is! – Sexy Social Media

This Just In, News No Longer Breaks, It Tweets – Brian Solis

Twitter Influences Which Metrics Matter – Ask Aaron Lee

Twitter Tools That Make Your Tweets Really Sing – Newbie Lifeline

11 Twitter Tips, Tricks and Apps You Might Not Know – Simply Zesty


The Ridiculous Abundance of Social Sharing Buttons – Simply Zesty

Don’t Panic When Someone Unsubscribes – Lisa Angelettie Blog

7 Tips For Making Your Blog Posts More Readable – Daily Blog Tips

Why You Should Offer Partial Feeds After Google Panda Update – Shout Me Loud

Parting Shots

This week has been packed with a lot of social networking tips that I have found extremely helpful, take a look and see what you can do to help your social media presence! Also don’t forget to check out yesterday’s weekly link dump post for some more great articles!

Your Turn

Do you pay attention to social marketing tips that you read on other blogs? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with other readers!

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Your SundaySmash is all in one.If any newbie visit your blog and read only this post,he can learn what is happening around the online globe.

Hopefully some of the newbie business bloggers and new comers to the blogging world find something in these hidden gems.

Well John, it sort of depends on the blog. I would consider listening to advice given from you for example, but if I just stumbled across a blog, I would find it hard to take the advice really seriously, unless it sounded really credible!

BTW John, ever considered that it might be an idea to add an email subscription form to your blog using FeedBurner?

Thanks for the link Chris I appreciate it, however the second box on the right column is my email subscribe box :)

Excellent feedback Chris I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment. It seems nowa days it’s a lot harder to find blogs that aren’t just reposting much of the same old crap that’s been out there, or way too heavy sales pitches.

Hi John,

There are some great posts here. I love the info from Shout Me Loud on recovery from Panda….made my feed changes.

Also it was great to know how big Fridays are. I have a tendency to turn Twitter off on Friday and work so I can play on the week end now I have a change of plans.

I also loved learning about Twitter scams and how to get rid of them.

Thanks for the links and for including me in this week smash.

My pleasure Sheila, thanks for taking the time to stop by and say thanks. It’s always nice when a blogger pays attention to their link backs and has the decency to stop by and say thank you. You would be amazed how many times I’ve considered killing off the Sunday Smash because so many bloggers these days don’t have a clue about interacting with other bloggers.

Thank you for the links. I want to use them. In real social media marketing (what they call – viral marketing) is different from marketing on Google or something. I need to learn more about this …

That makes two of us Joe.

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