The 5 Worst TV Commercials

The other night everyone came over for some church (UFC 95) which was free on Spike TV, this of course means that all of us were subject to actually watching the commercials that aired during the fight. There are a lot of funny commercials out there that are excellent, I plan on posting my 5 favorite tv commercials here shortly but todays task at hand is to bitch about what I feel are five (5) of the worst tv ommercials on tv today. If you have a commercial in mind that you can’t stand please leave a comment with a link to it so everyone can share in the annoyance of…. The 5 Worst TV Commercials.

5. Free Credit – Within the first three seconds of seeing and hearing this commercial it was already very clear to me that I would forever hate it. Everything from the jingle, to the people to the product, hate it.


Free Credit TV Commercial

4. 6 Hour Power – I just saw this commercial for the first time last night during UFC 95, it was on 3 or 4 times during the commercial breaks. Honestly probably one of the most tasteless tv commercials I have seen in a long time. It will get people talking, but I can assure you it won’t get this guy buying. Nothing like watching a UFC event with your son on Spike TV and this trash bag commercial comes on.


6 Hour Power TV Commercial

3. Subway $5 Foot Longs – With as much as I have been hearing this commercial lately I am actually a little surprised that this didn’t make number one. However one sitting of anything on Spike TV and you will see why this is the number three worst commercial instead of number one. Subway can shove their “$5 dollar foot looooongs” I will have a Dominos sub delivered and be much happier.


Subway $5 Footlong TV Commercial

2. Head on – I will never apply it directly to my forehead, nor will I ever be purchasing Head on or any of their other products simply for the fact that I hate their commercials with just about every sense of my being.


Head On TV Commercial

1. Enzyte Natural Male Enhancement – Ahhh it’s time for my all time most hated tv commercial, by far the most annoying to me. Luckily for me the assholes behind Enzyte play their commercials back to back, so the pain never seems to end. I can’t stand the jingle, I want to give Bob a blanket party and to be honest I could have simply listed every single Enzyte commercial in the Top 5 Worst Commercials and just been done with it. Granted it is extremely effective marketing….. which means for Enzyte it’s actually a great commercial….. for me and many other it’s the Worst Commercial Ever.


Enzyte TV Commercial

I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Worst Commercials list, look for my Favorite 5 Commercials coming this week.

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All horrible commercials but they definitely get the job done for the advertiser.

I’ve actually tried Head On (Got it as a gag gift) and still have some left. It’s like applying Icy Hot to your forehead but doesn’t ‘burn’ per say. It feels like it cools your head and eventually you don’t feel your headache any longer. :mrgreen:

As for the the actual commercials, I totally feel your pain!

Those “Head On” commercials are lame. I can’t stand them. I don’t like that product or any of their other multiple brands. I find it funny that they advertise heavily on ABC during “Wheel of Fortune” (which I admit that we do watch as a family. It makes me believe that they are targeting the elderly crowd on purpose. I agree that it should be at the top of your list!

5 dolla foot long man I had that dumb ass song on my mind one day like crazy.
You know those Extenze own late night TV and a colon cleanse some people must be buying that crap. The head on is so annoying it actually gives you a headache :)
I see you went do follow I’m taking a risk with every link on my site
followed I’m thinking the next update is around St Patty’s Day:)
maybe I’ll get me lucky charms and get a 6 or a zero LOL
Stumbled thanks

Ha ha, I like your selection, It's better to see some more commercial, I found a lot of other commercials similar to this.

I have seen these five commercials, I think Subway $5 Foot Longs is the most worst one. Any way The post is nice.

Subway $5 Foot Longs isn’t bad: it’s got a really catchy jingle.

HeadOn on the other hand is just simply annoying. It’s perfect, if it’s purpose is to get you to change the channel.

@TV Commercials I think you might be the first person I have ever spoken to that actually doesn’t hate the Subway $5 Subs commercials, the first few times isn’t bad but once the thing starts getting stuck in my head it’s got to end. Much respect for Subway marketing though, it did exactly what it was suppose to do.

I certainly think these commercials deserve the low ratings you give
them, and I hate them all. To me, the jingle by the little shimp on the
Free Credit Report dot com, is the worst, or at least, I find it the most
annoying. I don’t think that kid on there will ever top out on America
Idol either.

@Darrel Horton, haha Darrel thanks for taking the time to comment. I would have to agree I don’t think the people will be making any massive hit records anytime soon.

While I applaude your selections, I really feel that you need to add just a couple more to your list. The AXE products commercials, all of them with women attacking like banshee’s and the one where the woman wants to bury her face in his backside….totally repulsive when I had to try and explain to my 9 year old grandaughter what she meant…..Enzyte and Viagra, well really the guys that need that stuff know it’s out there, the rest of us just really don’t care or want to see it.

And what’s with the broad talking about Nurtrisystem who says that if you are overweight at 50 years old there’s no help for you???? Great way to convince peopoe to spend money, just insult the hell out of them
.-= Cynthia´s last blog ..Homeowners Insurance and your dog =-.

You think these commercials are annoying to viewers? Try being someone who sells this stuff on the web. You may hate the Enzyte commercials, but Extenze commercials are the stuff of nightmares. Smilin’ Bob never annoyed me (high creep factor though,) but the catch phrase “certain part of the male anatomy” is sure to send my blood pressure through the roof.

As far as the Subways $5 dollar foot longs are concerned, they are the most disjointed commercials I’ve ever had the displeasure to watch. Pick a theme already.
.-= Guy@extenze´s last blog ..ExtenZe Coupon Code =-.

I can’t believe you forgot Progressive Car insurance. Wow I dislike there adds very much.

Well it’s clear that none of these 5 commercials will ever get nominated for a Gold Lion, but in terms of pure effectiveness, you’re looking at 5 of the most effective spots ever made.

Now last time I checked, advertising was supposed to help sll products and services; which is exactly what these 5 spots did. In the case of Head On, this spot propelled them towards the top of a crowded and difficult to penetrate billion dollar category. The company launched several additional products and is raking it in.

Your ranking if these as the 5 worst commercials simply shows an above average igorance of advertising and marketing.

Remember Starkist wants tunas that taste good, not tunas with good taste. Leave the quality programming and esthetics to PBS. Me, I’ll take a nice fat, juicy effective “bad” commercial any day of the week.

Why? (not a fat juicy ‘good’commercial that also scores sells?) Did a ‘bad’ commercial ever get you up and propel you out the door?

notice the word “bad” is in quotes. It’s not me saying bad. A good commercial is one that meets the goals of the client. If this month, the client simply wants to blow a few million and try to win a Clio, then that’s up to them. It is a subjective business and on any given day it seems subject to the whims of those that pay the bills.

As the Buddhists say “Never judge the day”.

One of the “greatest” commercials of all time done by Hal Riney was for a financial firm and featured giant gray monoliths rising out of urban landscape, very reminiscent of latter day Batman movies. The commercial was responsible for the financial company losing almost 2 billion dollars and yet it is often shown in classes as a model for quality and cinematographic excellence in a commercial.

Wow that’s a pretty wild piece of information about Hal Riney, I had no idea and it’s pretty incredible that it’s shown in schools. Classic.

My sentiment is similar to Mr. Gilbert’s. Except for the spots, which have resulted in nearly 20,000 complaints to the FTC for misleading advertising. Ads that deceive are NEVER good.

Good point made by Steve regarding However, and this may or may not simply be a semantics point, I think many ads deceive. operates on the fact that people don’t know there is a government sponsored site that actually lets you get your reports for free. There is nothing illegal that these guys are doing and by the nature of the business, they appear to be in it for the short haul. They do provide a service. One might contend that Folgers coffee is deceibtful when they say they taste like fresh brewed coffee or even when an ad for a hospital comes on an shows doctors and nurses hovering around the bed of a patient in a large and inviting room. Yet one’s actual experience of that hospital may for the most part be that of being neglected in a tiny room.

It’s also a bit deceibtful to make me think that if I use Axe bodywash I will get my bones jumped by several highly desirable woman. I could go on.


I find the ad package from Canada Travel just plumb pointless..especially the one of an unseen celebrity alighting from a limo. What’s worse, their website won’t allow for comments, so how are they to know.I’d like to see one where they cover a polar bear with maple syrup.

I think those stupid Capital One ads with the Vikings or whatever they are supposed to be are just awful. And the 5 dollar foot long ads. So bad.

The Progressive Insurance commercials with the bug eyed bimbo from the Plant Obnoxia. They are all an exercise in stupidity. It should be evident to anyone that they cant give you cheap rates when they rent 45 minutes out of every hour of every day on commercial TV with their commercials. If they pay that reject from the the Bimbo Galaxy a dollar a commercial shes a billionaire now. She should just move to some country no one sees the commercials so she wont be berated everywhere she goes in public.

I thought i forgot about the $5 footlong song until i read it here. Now it’s stuck in my head again!

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