The “Why Not” List

I typically keep my blog focused on business and social media marketing related topics. Today, I’m breaking away for something on the more personal side. Something I came up with in dealing with one of my kids :)

Hopefully I’ll avoid dragging this on too long, because I do have a business related article that I would like to fire off before dinner. Basically, when it comes to kids it’s safe to say they all reach a point where they don’t do anything you ask them to and if so, it’s rarely ever when you ask them to do it. Now, on the flip side, when they want or feel they “need” something, it ALWAYS requires an immediate discussion, and favorable response. Ahhh, wouldn’t it be nice if the real world worked like that!?!

Over the weekend I found myself in a long discussion in regards to something that one of my kids wanted to do. It happend to be right smack in the middle of Saturday’s UFC 143 main event featuring Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit. Two quick things here; 1) It is completely unacceptable to interrupt any UFC event. This includes emergencies, 2) Nick Diaz can cry, do the “it’s not fair” dance or whatever else. He lost. Period.

About the “Why Not” List

The Why Not List

Instead of being focused on the main event and indulging in selfish, Extreme John time… UNINTERRUPTED. I found myself being asked 1,000 “why not” questions in regards to my child’s last minute, LATE NIGHT plans. By “late night” I mean 30 seconds before curfew.

After thinking about the situation and considering the extremely slow to non-existent “do it” mentality that seems to be popular during this current stage, I decided to come up with a “Why Not” list that helps to answer those questions… without words.

The “Why Not” list is simple to create, any parent can do it.

At the beginning of the week label each day of the week on a post-it note, old napkin, scrap paper, whatever. Anytime you ask your child to do something and they don’t, simply write a quick note under the day of the occurrence (or non occurrence) ;).

When the end of the week comes and said child starts thinking about making plans you can simply hand over the “Why Not” list.

Example conversation:

Hey, I hear you’re making plans for the night. That’s great, please keep in mind if you plan on any last minute changes, curfew adjustments or requests that the “Why Not” list is here to help you. When I say, “No” and you ask, “Why not”, please refer to the Why Not list I gave you earlier.

I hope you find the Why Not list useful in your household.

Parting Shots

Just for the record I ended up saying, “YES!” to each demand.

You’re Up

Leave a comment and share a funny event or story that you have.

P.s. I hope this doesn’t come back to haunt me when I run for President.

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Damn kids!! :)

Today, as the kids get smarter they become more stubborn. haha

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