Tips for Increasing Creativity in the Workplace

The modern business world is a pressure cooker of competition. With globalization comes competition with the entire world for customers and profits. Only those companies who are flexible and innovative are likely to survive in the race for success.

Creativity in the Workplace

Encouraging creativity in the workplace is essential if a business hopes to flourish. Finding and nourishing creative employees ensures a corporate culture where flexibility and creativity are valued. In the rapid-fire pace of modern business, employees who can respond quickly to changes with new ideas and perspectives are crucial. But how does a business break free of the yes-man culture and foster creativity in their corporate culture?

Diversify Hiring

Creating an environment that values innovation starts with diversity in hiring. An army of business majors in fancy suits is likely to also share a common mindset. Shake things up by hiring some employees with diverse backgrounds and educational credentials.

Is the Open Door Policy Real?

Many businesses are proud of their open door policy. But is the door really open, or do employees who come forward with unique solutions leave the front office feeling their ideas were politely ignored? Educate managers to truly value employee contributions.

Personalize the Workspace

By allowing workers to personalize their cubicles office rnvironments will reflect a commitment to creativity. Converting the bland appearance of cubicles into individual art galleries allows employees to express their unique personalities. This helps create the impression that individuality and creativity are valued by the corporation.

Provide Rewards

Financial or other incentives for innovative thinking will stimulate creativity. If a company only rewards high sales and the like, it sends a clear message that creative thinking is not really valued. Reward employees who solve problems or use flexible thinking to improve the business or its products.

Root Out Regimentation

While every business must have a structure and hierarchy, those that are overly committed to their bureaucracy kill the impulse for flexibility. An environment where employees must request permission to take a break or access office supplies is an environment where workers will shut down emotionally and creatively. Provide opportunities for employees to work away from their cubicles and go outside the chain of command when they have a great idea.

By incorporating a few changes, it is possible to boost the creativity of any business team. A company that values employee individuality is one where creative people will want to work.

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Creativity is one of those things that’s difficult to when you lose it especially in the work place. It’s important to always do your best to keep your creativity high or at least keep it from getting low. Establishing a creative atmosphere in the workplace with these tips would definitely end in success. I highly advise everyone reading this article to take note of these tips.

The part about compensation and incentives is so overlooked! Promoting health? Bah, humbug! It’s a wonderful idea, and one that will really make employees want to come in and work – fear of losing a job and pay cuts should in no way be an employee’s motivation, as is the case usually.

I agree especially with that one about letting employes personalise their workplace. This helps them feel good, and ‘at home’. This is also a good idea to get rid of cubicles and implement open space – what helps is lack of strict hierarhy.

One of the biggest problem at a workplace is that the corporation sincerely believes in open door policy, but your boss doesn’t.

Providing rewards to employees drive them to think creatively that will contribute to company’s success…This is a great motivation!

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