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Wow I am way behind on getting this review written and done, someone sent me a link to this Twitter tool called Twittl that they recommended I check out and maybe review. This link was sent to me at a time I was hot and heavy on the Twittley reviews as well as some other Twitter tools I was testing, so Twittl ended up by the road side for a hot minute before I could get this going.

Twittl is probably the first time I really ever used Bookmarklets to do anything, as a matter of fact I never even had a Bookmarklet on my Firefox browser until I started using Twittl. Now that Twittl has made me comfortable using them, in addition to how easy Bookmarklets really are to use I have expanded my Bookmarklets, I now have one for Twittl, Blog Engage and TwitThis.

Twittl offers yet another option to share your Tweeted articles and travels with other users on Twittl as well as itself, picture voting something up with Twittley, Blog Engage or even Digg for that matter. Once your article is submitted to Twittl it can than be Twittl’d by other Twittl users which will of course move your article up in the listings and increase traffic to your post.

Twittl has a nice interface and it is pretty simple to use and get moving with unlike Blog Engage or Twittley, Twittl does not require the installation of a [intlink id=”2762″ type=”post”]Wordpress Plugin[/intlink] or need you to do anything with your WordPress at all. Being the lazy guy that I am I really don’t like the long process of submitting articles, it just seems way too time consuming in most cases and Twittl all though pretty quick, still requires me to jump through hoops that I don’t like. This isn’t a slam on Twittl, fact is I feel the same way about Twittley and Blog Engage at times, I like the simple one page one step article submission concept and anything not delivering that probably will never make me happy.


One of the nice things about Twittl is that it doesn’t cause me to leave the page when I submit an article, nothing pisses me off more than having to leave the page I am submitting from or when one of my readers tries to vote for something on my site and it traffic leaks them right out of my site.

On the down side of things, when using Twittl you do have to go through a bunch of steps that can be pretty annopying if your looking to submit more than one of your articles. The steps can be somewhat long in my opinion and like some of the other sharing and vote up style systems out there, it has extra hoops that I don’t care to jump through.


Steps to Submitting an article to Twittl

  1. Signup for a Twittl account, it’s free
  2. Grab the Bookmarklet from this page
  3. You must send a Tweet with your article link in it before you can submit
  4. After you send Tweet, click the time of that (bottom left corner) tweet to open that specific tweet in a window
  5. Click Twittl bookmarklet
  6. Fill in additional information and submit
  7. Confirm your submission

I know you are probably thinking the same thing that I was thinking when I first started using Twittl to submit my tweets for sharing, one thing to keep in mind is that you only need to do the first two steps once. Sorry doesn’t mean I can help you to speed up the remaining steps that need to be completed when submitting an article, the traffic is pretty decent and all though I do not submit every article at Twittl I do submit from time to time.

I really hope that as the technology continues to grow and the popularity of all of these Twitter tools continues that one of the developers will make submitting an article a seemless, painless, quick task that provides excellent results and does not require your readers to be sucked off your page. I can’ possibly tell you how much I hate traffic leaks, especially because I do not open links in a new window it can be pretty annoying, I also find it pretty counter productive to make people sign up in order to vote I am finding in most cases that if another blogger doesn’t vote you up, a typical reader certainly is not going to. Why? Too much hassle.

In closing, Twittl is a decent tool to grab a little more traffic and some more backlinks as long as you are willing to do the extra work to get your articles listed, the site is layed out pretty nice and it’s a fast system overall. As much as I enjoy reviewing Twitter tools and social bookmarking tools I am still in search of a tool that keeps people on your site, doesn’t require some extensive log in or sign up process and doesn’t require a college degree in social bookmarking to figure out how to use it.

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It does look like a pretty cool website. I wonder why they would put a lot of different steps in submitting someones article. With this kind of website you would want it to be easy and simple for your end user. Greg Ellison
.-= Greg Ellison´s last blog ..Random Pictures Today =-.

that sounds pretty complicated. I still do not have a Twitter account yet. My dad will not let me for some reason.
.-= blogging boy´s last blog I got started blogging =-.

It’s ironic but they are using the exact same software as blogengage. It’s named pligg and it allows users to submit content or bookmark content.

I wish my button allowed for external voting but like you have to leave the bloggers blog, login and then vote. It’s rather fucking annoying.

Twittley on the other hand is very unique tho you are still directed away form the page your vote is counted and you are sent back to the authors blog and I really like that feature.

See the only difference between blogengage and this website you’re reviewing is they have a re tweet button saying how many re tweets an article has.

I could add that button but I choose not to so the entire website loads faster for my visitors.

They bought their theme the same place I did

Ramil is an amazing designer!
.-= bbrian017´s last blog ..Blog Engage Blog Forum =-.

Twittl Twitter Tool Review | The Extreme John Blog…

A detailed review of the social bookmarking and sharing site Twittl which is built for use with Twitter and Twitter users, an excellent Do Follow way to increase your backlinks and exposure to your articles….

@Greg pretty good question Greg, not sure that anyone intends for something to be a process, I think the important thing to remember is that a lot of this stuff is still new.

@Blogging Boy you can have a blog but not a Twitter account?

@Brian I had no idea that your software was the same as theirs, I like both concepts and I do like how the bookmarklet opens everything in a new window, it makes it easier for me to jump around to copy and paste the trackbacks or any other info it might need.

I like the vote button you have and how it looks on the site, all though a black and red or something else would be a little better matching.
.-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Sunday Smash: Twitter Stuff and Hot Blog Articles =-.

Yup we use the same software! Pligg it’s truly an amazing open source project.

Check out what I added in my side bar.

It was inspired from the one they use at Twittl. Its featured stories I have 1 of yours showing!
.-= bbrian017´s last blog ..Blog Engage Blog Forum =-.

I am still trying to get one. My dad says that it will just be another thing to monitor and that I do not need one.,.oh well. 😥
.-= blogging boy´s last blog I got started blogging =-.

@Brian you have one of my stories as the feature story? How the hell did I miss that I was just there last night.

@Blogging Boy stay positive and be respectful and show that you can be trusted and I am sure your dad will see the positive side to what you want to do and expect that your not going to do anything stupid :)

The site looks cool and the design colors looks quite similar to the new design of Twitter homepage. Will surely gonna give a try to it ➡
.-= Typhoon´s last blog ..10 ways to achieve a winning first paragraph for your article =-.

@Typhoon thanks for commenting, Twittl is turning out to be a nice little traffic generator for me, it’s right up there with Blog Engage and has surpassed Twittley.

Hey John… are you done with Twittley? If so… how come?
.-= Doug Dillard´s last blog ..Why Comment on =-.

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All posts to my blogs syndicate to Twitter through a system my webmaster set up. Are we talking about the same thing here with Twittl?

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