Uber Twitter 3 for Blackberry Released

Before I get started I would like to say thanks to KB for commenting on my [intlink id=”2236″ type=”post”]Uber Twitter Review[/intlink] article to inform me that Uber Twitter 3 had just been released. KB’s info came at a time when I was having the most trouble tweeting pictures with my current Uber Twitter for Blackberry application that I am using, I have been tweeting about my aggravation with the older version for the last few days. Due to my frustration and inability to have picture uploads complete I set out looking for another Twitter application for Blackberry, I have found one and plan on reviewing that next week.

Uber Twitter 3 Blackberry

After responding to KB’s comment I jumped on my Blackberry cell phone and headed over to Uber Twitter.com to see if they hand any information posted about the latest version. Much to my surprise the good folks at Uber Twitter have all the entire main page packed with information on Uber Twitter 3 release.

I quickly navigated to the download link for Uber Twitter 3 on my Blackberry phone internet browser and within a few quick scrolls of the mouse and a simple click I was on my way to having the latest Uber Twitter version. I am always a little nervous when it comes to downloading updates and having them automatically install, fearing error or some other dumb ass computer type issue. The download and update when as smooth as possible and after a quick reboot of my Blackberry Curve I was deep into the options and setup of Uber Twitter 3, which is packed with even more options than the [intlink id=”2236″ type=”post”]previous Uber Twitter[/intlink].

I’m not going to lie here, even though I was excited about the new Uber Twitter version being released I was very scepticle when it came to giving it a shot after my experience with the old version over the last few days. I stay loyal to the products I use, especially if I am a big fan of them when I first start using them like I was with Uber Twitter, so I kept an open mind and headed right to the picture area of my phone to send a picture to Twitter and send it as a Tweet. Previously when trying to pull this task off the upload would get to 2% than error out, today when I tried it with the latest Uber Twitter version the upload progress bar stuck at 2% for a few seconds.

After surpassing the previously stressful 2% mark it jumped to 5% and so on, FINALLY my picture tweets with Uber Twitter were successful!

Being cooked http://mypict.me/4wZo24 minutes ago from UberTwitter

Once my picture tweet went through I decided to comb through the rest of the options on the new version of Uber Twitter, as if there weren’t a ton of options in the previous version this one is packed as well. The interfaces seem to scroll much smoother than previously and the tweet interface is much nicer now as well. I have included a list of some of the new features that are available in Uber Twitter 3 as well as a few of the bug fixes from the previous version to the new version. If you would like the full details of Uber Twitter 3 please visit Uber Twitter.com

Key features in Uber Twitter 3

  • Reduced batter drain
  • You can now delete your tweets
  • The ability to follow a thread of replies
  • Added the ability to make the Time line font bold
  • Added a “Copy Tweet” menu so you can copy full Tweets

Uber Twitter has added much more than you see above, they have greatly increased the GPS tracking ability that Uber Twitter was well known for being able to deliver, please keep in mind before using any application that reports your approximate location to people on the internet you should consider a few [intlink id=”2201″ type=”post”]Twitter Safety Tips[/intlink] as you setup your options.

Uber Twitter version 3 Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where the location being reported was ‘stuck’ to a previous location.
  • Fixed bug where escaping from writing a tweet gave a misleading prompt to save or discard the tweet.
  • Fixed bug where selecting ReTweet from time line menu makes the tweet a reply, so not everyone could see it.

If you give Uber Twitter a try please leave a comment and let everyone know what you think of the application for Blackberry phones. Uber Twitter already seems to have some nice new features planned for the next Uber Twitter version, the one I am looking forward to the most is the ability to resize photos in order to reduce upload time.

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Oh, It's fantastic, I never tried such a useful software for me, Thanks a lot. I will buy a Blackburry soon. I want to “delete your tweets” also.

hi, Thanks for the review about Uber twitter, It's a really useful for everyone. I think “Copy Tweet” menu is the most attractive for new version.

I have Verizon and never got the blackberry. My LG EnV2 is great but I can only Tweet SMS because Verizon doesn't have an app. Sucks.

My brother just got the EnV3 and loves it, he really likes the quality of the music player. I don't use features like that often so it's not as important to me as the apps.

Hello John, Firstly of all I would like to thank you for your great review. I came to know about Uber twitter from your review. It’s very useful for me.

@Kiran Im glad you enjoyed my Uber Twitter review and found Uber Twitter useful, thanks for stopping by.

Yeah, Uber twitter is a fantastic software. It’s getting more popularity within a short span of time. I like it a lot.

I don’t have blackberry, but the appliction is nice. I would like to use it In my LG phone. Please give updates for other phones also.

I used twitterberry before but that one was not able to upload my pictures. Ubertwitter does the whole thing and rocks!

@Stefan NL yeah Twitter Berry was a good first baby step to tweeting from a Blackberry device, but serious Twitter users that want more feature rich options would want to go with Uber Twitter. Thank you for commenting :)

[…] Uber Twitter Review – Uber Twitter Update […]

I was surprised by intrusive security needs of an earlier version.

They don’t need access to data like my fonebook, my
Inbox etc.

Have they ‘fixed’ this?

@aeg, yeah but you can also disable those features if you feel they are too intrusive.

@Extreme John,

I tried disabling what I considered non-essential but the program didn’t work. Tech support said the program had to have access to all these things, e.g., phonebook in order to work.

@extremejohn (or anyone) help! How can I get Uber Twitter to refresh to the most recent tweet? When I hit refresh, it DOEs refresh, but remains viewing the older tweets (unlike twitterberry, where when I refresh it loads most recent, and I scroll down to view older tweets).

@Harold Mellor, you have to scroll up through all of the tweets until you get to the most recent.

I disabled the “stay connected” and update notifications for it because that’s how you get that pain in the butt issue with needing to scroll through 8 days worth of tweets if you didn’t view it recently.

Just download Beta-4. I love it!!
Now with TwitVid and Bit.ly integrations…
.-= Indo Contest´s last blog ..Win a Free iPhone 3GS at The Hottest Gadgets =-.

@Indo Contest, so far it’s ok I don’t like how long it takes for the first screen to appear, or the banner at the top.


I was searching for a BB Twitter App that would send me notifications every time I receive a @mention. Any idea if UberTwitter manages that?
.-= Shayon´s last blog ..NOKIA Music Boot Camp — A Great Way to Spend a Friday Evening =-.

I think, My friend who is having a BlackBerry will found it useful when he starts tweeting..I am trying to encourage him and start using twitter but he is still sticking and using Orkut..
.-= Typhoon´s last blog ..IngBoo – The Intelligent Distribution Channel for Changes on the Web =-.

Many thanks for this useful info. Finally have the right ubertwitter download which is functioning beautifully on my BB:)

Tried many downloads before I came across ur website- and all were such a disaster, with various glitches! Your recommendation is working smooth so far:) No pain- no glitch so far! THANX

Ive had a look at this myself and its definitely a high quality product – no doubt about it. There are so many twitter related products out there today – its important you dont waste your time on the low quality ones and stick to using the good ones like Uber Twitter 3.
.-= Ana @ Planet Jumperoo´s last blog ..Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo =-.

John, just found this post through your 20 Blog tips post today and being the Blackberry addict that I am, had to click over here.

I personally tried 6 or 8 different Twitter apps for BB before settling with Ubertwitter as my favorite, then I got my SocialScope invite and I was stunned at how great it was compared to everything else I had tried, so I stick with it.

I still use Ubertwitter for a “business” twitter account i have for my online fence products store, but my main tweets come from SocialScope.
.-= Keith@NeedInformation´s last blog ..17 Must Have WordPress Plugins =-.

This is a very cool review about ubertwitter. Thanks my dear! :mrgreen: It really works!

I’ve been using UberTwitter for some time and had been getting pop-up from them to upgrade. Like you, I have always been skeptical of auto-upgrades, so I avoided it. I had been shopping around for a new mobile Twitter application because I have experienced the same picture loading issues as you and I need to be able to upload pictures for my blog while I am away. I will let you know how the upgrade works for me. Thanks for the review!
.-= That One Mom´s last blog ..Abbey Road =-.

It’s great to discover tips in the event that you discuss for weblog posting. As I started posting comments for weblog and facing problem associated with good deal of rejections. We think your suggestion end up being helpful for me personally. I will within the event that its perform for me personally too.

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