UFC 111 Recap

UFC 111 is ion the books and it’s official, my UFC 111 predictions sucked as I went 4-3 on the night much of which I will blame on Frank Mir getting in the ring and worrying more about how “calm” he looked vs actually fighting. I will get to that as I get a little further into my UFC 111 recap and results, it won’t be any crazy long post as I plan on getting a good jump on my work load this week.

UFC 111 Results

Ricardo Almeida vs Matt Brown

I really would have liked to see Matt Brown take the win here, but it wasn’t meant to be. Hey, at least Brown can say he showed up for a fight and got choked out at UFC 111.

Mark Bocek vs Jim Miller

This fight got a little hairy at times for Jim Miller and for a few moments it looked as if Bocek was going to pull of the win, Miller ended up closing out the fight strong and won on the judges cards. Jim Miller by Unanimous Decision.

Nate Diaz vs Rory Markham

I really need to stop picking fights based on who I would “like” to see win vs who I actually feel will win the fight, I knew Diaz would own Markham in this fight and he did just that. Nate Diaz by TKO.

Kurt Pellegrino vs Fabricio Camoes

The New Jersey kid Kurt Pellegrino battled like a madman in front of his hometown crowd to pull off a sweet submission victory via choke.

Jon Fitch vs Ben Saunders

Another excellent outing by Jon Fitch proved to be WAAAY too much for Ben Saunders, it would be nice if some of the new “mainstream” fans of UFC would learn to respect and understand technical fighting instead of booing every time the fight goes to the ground. Fitch did exactly what he wanted and needed to do in this fight, holding Saunders from getting off the ground with anything. Jon Fitch wins by Unanimous Decision.

Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin

If this were a video post I would start it out screaming like I did in my Insane Limos TV Commercial. Can someone please explain to me why Frank Mir seems to think the solid look on his face and his calm demeanor will win him fights? Seriously, I will never understand the theory behind hanging against the cage and taking shot after shot until something actually gets through.

Mir vs Carwin Results

It’s a good thing that Mir has really mastered the art of running his mouth, because based on his lay down ass kicking from Lesnar and his hang against the fence beatdown at the hands of Carwin he hasn’t really done anything else. I honestly can’t remember if he landed a punch or not, a kick? Anything? Sorry Mir, maybe it’s time to drop that extra muscle and drop down in weight. Let the super heavyweights do their thing.

George St. Pierre vs Dan Hardy

Domination, domination and a little bit more domination. Not sure if Dan Hardy ordered the complete domination or if George St. Pierre just included it in the menu on his own, all though St. Pierre didn’t really do any significant damage he did control EVERY aspect of the fight. I mean EVERY aspect, on two separate occasions it looked as if St. Pierre would be taking one of Dan Hardy’s arms home as a keepsake, Hardy showed INCREDIBLE heart and refused to tap on either occasion.

UFC 111 Review

I guess the question is…. Who now? Who is next on the list to get slaughtered at the hands of GSP?

Leave a comment and let me know who you think is the best challenger for GSP is or what you think the next move for Frank Mir should be, I am curious what your thoughts are.

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Hardy has won the respect of many including GSP after that fight.
Mir looked like a lil rag doll out there. Did someone spike his prefight water bottle because he sure didn’t look like he came to fight. Thats a whole lot of talk for the weak actions he put out.
Overall pretty much a dull card, when it sure looked like it was going to be an unbeliveable night of fights.
What was with the audio.
.-= SafariDave´s last blog ..I know my dog is smart but… =-.

@SafariDave, I thought the card turned out to be pretty good, the Mir fight might have been a let down but what more could you really want from a fight card. It had a mix of KO’s, TKO’s and Subs, maybe not all brilliant KO’s but certainly a respectable night of fights.

As for Mir, yeah im disgusted.

I’ve never really watched UFC but I hear its huge. I take it you would suggest I watch it, John?

I don’t know if there is a 170 pounder that can even come close to touching GSP. I think George needs jump up to 185 and fight Anderson Silva.
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@Alan@Blu-ray player reviews, I would love to see him fight Silva. I wonder if he would have tapped had he been in the same position as Hardy last night.

All the respect I had fro Mir just went out the window. What a pathetic performance from a veteran of the Octagon. Watch out Lesner !

Mir was a big disappointment. He looked unstoppable with the Congo fight but was an amateur on the last one.
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I haven’t paid enough attention to Ricardo Almeida, but I will in the future. He looked really good against Matt Brown. I picked Matt to win. Yikes!

Who I like vs Who probably will win – I can’t help it! I still go with who I like. I draw the line at who’s the cutest :mrgreen:

The Batman, Pellegrino took the victory – Yay! I picked him to win.

How could I not be a Shane Carwin fan after this performance? Wake up, Grasshopper! You’re walking into a fight, not a zen monastery!

I’m glad GSP won, but I have new respect for Dan Hardy. Looking forward to Lyoto vs Rua this weekend.
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