UFC 121 Results

UFC 121 live results might be something that’s easy for you to come by, but live UFC 121 results with my play by play and worthless two cents is a treat that you won’t find anywhere else. Not even if you go to door to door looking for it. O.k. no sense in keeping up the non-sense, it’s been a long time since I posted live UFC results and I figured this Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez UFC 121 event might be the perfect time to start again.

If you want to see how I do during UFC 121, check out my UFC 121 predictions post from the other day. In the meantime let’s get down to #UFC121, OH MY GOD I’m so excited!

UFC 121 Results

UFC 121 Results

Please keep hitting the refresh button on your browser for the latest UFC 121 live updates. The fight below will update according to what is shown during the main UFC 121 fight card.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs Brendan Schaub

First fight of the night on the UFC 121 PPV fight card.

Round 1

Schaub is doing a good job staying to the outside of Gonzaga and already the newbie UFC fans are booing, for no reason might I add. 4:30 in the first. Schaub is looking good working from the outside and getting inside when he needs to, walking through Gonzaga’s punches. Gonzaga and Schaub mixed it up for most of the first round with Gonzaga being rubber legged on two different occasions. Schaub knocked Gonzaga down to close out the first round.

Round 2

The second round is underway. I can’t help but feel that Schaub is on a pace to KO Gonzaga if things continue in the fashion that they are. Gonzaga is finally starting to open up the leg kicks which has Schaub slowing down a bit. Brendan Schaub is back to controlling and pushing the action, which is exactly what seems to be throwing Gonzaga off his game plan.

Schaub continues to swarm Gonzaga against the cage and in the center of the ring, and it’s clear Gonzaga has nothing more then a few random kicks to answer with. Heading in to round 3 it’s all Brendan Schaub.

Round 3

Round 3 is underway, Schaub looking as if he might be heading to the movies after the fight and Gonzaga looking like a meat cleaver met his face. Not much action in the first 2:30 seconds of the third round, small exchanges between both fighters. It looks like this fight will be going to a decision, without any weird “Londonish” judging issues I see Brendan Schaub winning this fight.

Winner by Unanimous decision Brendan “The Hybrid” Schaub.

Tito Ortiz vs Matt Hamill

Hamill is walking out to the cage now.

Round 1

The first round is underway. Tito is attacking Hamill, even managed to nail Hamill with a head kick. Hamill just took Tito down, Ortiz manages to get to his feet and hits Hamill with a head kick. Both fighters seem to be staying in the center of the ring, Tito staying aggressive with kicks and punches. Tito does have a mouse under his right eye and a cut on the side of his head, I’m not sure what the cut on the side of the head is from but it’s not a game changer.

As the first round comes to an end I would have to say Hamill won the first round with solid jabs and better exchanges overall.

Round 2

The second round is underway, Hamill’s corner was calling for Matt to let his hands go and be aggressive in this round. Most of the early part of the second round was spent exchanging punches and kicks in the center of the ring, nothing too exciting just keeping the pace. Matt Hamill controls position with a takedown and Tito on his back. Ortiz went for an ankle lock, now Hamill controls in side control.

Second round comes to an end with Hamill controlling position and Tito taking shots on the bottom. I would call second round for Hamill.

Round 3

Ricco Rodriguez is in Tito Ortiz’s corner and yelling to Tito that he needs to knock Hamill out, you can see Tito fighting with a sense of urgency all though Matt Hamill is still winning the striking game. Tito just looked at the clock and it’s evident that his face has been on the receiving end of Matt Hamill’s jab for most of the night, Hamill just drove Ortiz to the canvas with 1:15 left.

Matt Hamill has Ortiz down and continues to ground and pound Tito, it’s clear the student has beaten the teacher. The fight will go to the score cards.

Winner by Unanimous decision Matt “The Hammer” Hamill.

Diego Sanchez vs Paulo Thiago

Round 1

Both fighters are against the cage, Thiago has the better position and continues to try and knee and take Diego Sanchez down. Thiago has Sanchez down and continues to throw some pretty heavy hands as he controls Diego on the ground. For a quick moment Paulo Thiago had Sanchez in a choke, now both fighters are back standing. Thiago closed the first round pretty strong with a flurry, I would have to give the first round to Thiago.

Round 2

Second round is underway. After some crazy exchange and some back and forth Diego is now sitting on top of Paulo Thiago. Now Diego controls via the top position, he’s in Paulo’s guard. Diego just slammed Thiago after carrying and screaming with Paulo Thiago in his arms across the ring. Diego has Paulo Thiago’s back and continues to punch Thiago against the cage as the clock runs down in the third.

Round 3

Coming out for the third round Paulo Thiago looks gassed and his face is looking pretty abused. I’m calling Diego to finish this fight in this round, Diego has Paul Thaigo down again and in half mount. Diego Sanchez is working on a rear naked choke and has Paulo Thiago in a body triangle. At this point Diego is in full control, after a brief break Sanhcez is back on top controlling Thiago.

The round is getting ready to come to an end, we have another decision and this should be no different then the last two. Diego finished strong in full mount pounding on Paulo Thiago, my guess is going to be decision Diego Sanchez.

The winner by Unanimous decision, Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez.

Live UFC 121 Results

Jake Shields vs Martin Kampmann

Round 1

Round one kicked off with Jake Shields taking Kampmann down, Shields is on top in side control. Martin Kampmann escapes disaster and gets back to his feet, Shields is still hanging on ultimately looking for the takedown. As the first round comes to an end, Jake Shields look VERY tired and his strikes (which already seemed weak) are looking to be more soft then before, and Kampmann has managed to fight off Sheilds takedown attempts towards the end of the round. First round Sheilds, dominating on the ground.

Round 2

Kampmann just leveled Shields with a knee, now has a front darce choke only for a moment. Sheilds has Kampmann back down and continues to fight for a mount position. Both fighters are back to their feet, Shields is showing the effects of a the knee and he seems to be extremely winded as he continues to look at the clock, Shields works a takedown and ends up back on top. This is going to be a tough round to score all though Kampmann did drop Shields with a knee earlier in the round which should give Kampmann the round. Shields is beyond exhausted.

Round 3

Coming out for the third round Kampmann looks fresh and starts off the round stuffing a Jake Shields takedown. Martin Kampmann is dominating the round with kicks, knees and strikes. Shields continues to get stuffed on the takedown attempts and the night seems to be turning for the worst for Jake Sheilds who can barely seem to hold his own weight up.

Shields has Kampmann’s back and a body triangle, all thanks to Martin Kampmann trying to choke Shields out. Kampmann should have kept the fight standing instead of trying to choke out Shields, it might have cost him a very important round. Tough fight to score.

Winner is by split decision, Jake Shields.

Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez

Round 1

It’s time for round one. Lesnar comes out on fire and hits Cain with some big knees and strikes, works the takedown and Cain manages to get back to his feet. Lesnar is hurt Velasquez has Brock down. Cain is holding down Lesnar and pounding, picking his shots wisely.

New England PatriotsW Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez!!

If you’re watching UFC 121 live feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on how the fights are going, or to comment on something I might say in one of my live updates.

UFC 121 Lesnar vs Velasquez Pictures

Brock Lesnar Bloody

Just before the ref stops the fight.

UFC 121 Pictures

Brock Lesnar’s face after UFC 121.

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Sounds like Shields may have the dreaded “Bill Russell Syndrome.” AKA vegetarianism…that kind of fatigue should not happen with a conditioned athlete at low altitude.

Yeah he was way way too gassed, he could barely walk around the ring at the end of the fight.

One has to wonder why it was not stopped ? Lesnar was taking a beating, and not defending himself from a dangerous man.
Here is a good video of the Lesnar vs Carwin UFC MMA Fight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfRrCCzGgoA

My predictions usually suck, (I thought Carwin would beat Lesnar) however I will again predict that Lesnar will lose tonight.

ExtremeJohn, thank you very much for hosting the fights. Your updates are more frequent than other sites. I appreciate it.

Thank you Walt I appreciate it. Looks like our predictions were right on point.

Lesnar got crushed decidedly.

Yahoo said that Lesnar may have “verbally submitted.” That would be a story for tomorrow.

Oh wow… I hope that’s true.

If the Yahoo story was right, it will lend even more credibility to my theory this fight was scripted and fixed. “Pro” Wrestlers at UFC Events make me, and many other MMA fans nervous. These guys are nothing more then paid actors, now it looks to me like Lesnar is working for Dana White. I just googled some more MMA Threads of people who feel like I do.

WOW, I am not sure what you two are thinking but your comment was a JOKE RIGHT?
Oh Yah, Dana and Brock planned to have Brocks face pummeled and dripping with blood. I can see it now as Brock tells Dana “Thats a great idea, I will let the UFC belt go to Mexico and leave me the former champion with a beaten bloody face and I will not get a bonus for losing right Dana, Sounds awesome, where do I sign?”
Better read the next issue of the Inquirer to see when M Jackson and Elvis will be appearing.

Yes exactly, because all of that is def. beneficial to the UFC, Dana White and def. Brock Lesnar and his multiple stitches.

Hmmm. Then how un-easy does it make those “many MMA fans” to see REAL actors at UFC and MMA events? Ya know, Mickey Rourk, Kevin James, etc. They are always at fights, it MUST have MMA fans concerned…

O.k. maybe not. I remember my son calling me to tell me that Eminem had died in a terrible card crash, he saw it on Yahoo news thanks to his aunt that went in to a panic because she saw the news and knew my son would be crushed. I was quickly able to use common sense, check the other news outlets and realize that the news on Yahoo in regards to that was a hoax. Much like that “hoax” the theory of the UFC scripting anything is ridiculous. Did you see the actual fight Chris? Did you see the actual punches, and the actual damage done to another human (Brock Lesnar’s) face? Common sense would tell you that the theory of it being “fixed” is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds.

Find 5 credible sources that say they have credible sources that show things might have been fixed. Not 5 silly claims, but credible MMA sources. I’ll save you some time, they don’t exist. I read just about every single reputable MMA sources news and information as it comes out, not one single reputable source has dared to make or back a claim like that.

Maybe it’s just time to start watching boxing or maybe soccer Chris, it’s clear that you don’t have faith in the UFC and what it’s done for the MMA community. I know as a long term actual fan of the UFC the last thing I want to hear or see is claims like the one you made. I would rather those individuals that make those claims find another sport for their entertainment purposes, vs making claims that really do go nowhere.

I was around for the first UFC, and don’t think I have ever missed more then 5 or 10, if that many. I love MMA. I also watched Pride, K1, and remember Vale Tudo matches out of Brazil when I had my big satellite dish.

So, what’s next for Velasquez and Lesnar ? Rematch right away, or a Carwin/Velasquez fight. Who do you guys think will win that fight ?
What about Frank Mir, and the TRUE Champion Fedor ? What about Overeem out of Holland ? What’s next for MMA ?

Fedor is nothing more then a bitch puppet on a string for M-1. I don’t even consider him a serious anything at this point, he brought what he brought to the sport during his time and M-1 managed to screw the fans out of watching him get crushed by the world’s top fighters. P.s. The true champion got murdered in his last fight and looked like complete crap his 3 fights previous, the days of Fedor are over.

Brock will take a break if he comes back who knows. As for Velasquez, he will fight Junior next. Carwin wouldn’t fight Cain because he fights in Jan. and he lost his last fight, Cain obviously won his last fight. Last night’s fight didn’t decide anything for MMA, 1 heavyweight beat another heavyweight or if people feel like it, one mexican HW beat a really big and mega hyped HW. Overeem has a fight coming up, as long as he’s competing in Strikeforce amongst a mix of “eh” fighters there’s really not much to think about, ship him to the UFC or let him continue to fight whoevers in Strikeforce.

Fedor WAS awesome, for awhile. I think Overeem is way over rated, didn’t Cro Cop knock him silly. Who do YOU like John in a Carwin vs Velasquez fight, and why ? How do you see that fight going. I think Carwin has hands of stone, only his Cardio is suspect. I think Velasquez is a more all around complete fighter, but don’t feel he hits as hard as Carwin. We shall have to ask Lesnar who hits harder, EH ? Carwin will hit Velasquez, one wonders if he can survive it ?

Sports Science did a thing testing Cain’s power, he punches harder then Carwin does something like 2500lbs of force. I would pick Cain in a second, even though I would rather Carwin win.

I’m not sure what just happened here with Chris Apple.
I think he’s a politician.
He just flip flopped on his comments about the UFC being fixed.
Great points on UFC John, thanks for all your valuable insight.

Safaridave, no “flip flopping” here. I never said that EVERY UFC Fight was fixed, just possibly this last one. John and you did not agree, so why beat a dead horse ? Have you guys heard anymore about the rumors Lesnar verbally submitted ?

No but via slow motion it looks as if Lesnar quit when he received the glancing cut that opened up that nasty triangle gash on his face. No audio, so no proof on my side. As for not agreeing, no matter how hard I try I can’t put any credibility to the statements that the fight was fixed, even writing it bugs me. haha

Wow, Velasquez hits harder then Carwin ?
That is hard to believe, but by the looks of Lesnar’s face, he probably does.
The question is, can he handle Carwins power, or can Carwin handle his ?
I would DIE to see that fight!
Rick Mir is still lurking, and a master at submissions, don’t count him out.

All excellent fighters and all fighters that can win on any given night.

Brock got handled. I don’t think he’ll ever be able to compete in the league moving forward. He’s got no hands and any opponent that does, just needs to sprawl well (which most pros do) and beat him down.

Carwin will beat him if they fight again and Cane will too. Brock has no jab.

I’m right there with you Jayson.

This Junior Dos Santos guy has some quick hands. I was unaware he beat Cro Cop. He has been destroying people. It is interesting to see how MMA and the UFC is evolving.

I wonder if he beat Cro-Cop when he was putting together winning streaks or if it was during Cro-Cops losing ways.

Poor Brock. I’ve never been one to hate Mr. Lesnar. He’s just used to being stronger and faster than everyone. I think most serious watchers of MMA didn’t give his championship reign very long. His main problem is obvious: He doesn’t like to be hit really hard. It doesn’t matter how good your wrestling is or how strong or fast you are, if you can’t take being smashed in the face, you are doomed.

It’s tough to debate these days, but that is the reason Fedor would have beat him. Fedor hits hard. If Fedor can get M-1 out of his ass, maybe we would see that matchup.

If Fedor deson’t remove M-1 from his ass soon he won’t be hitting anyone, he’s not getting any younger and he certainly doesn’t look more excited with each fight.

You guys….. UFC is has future bookings in Mexico….. CAINs’ appearance on George Lopez was booked for months in advanced….. They wouldn’t send a LOSER in front of his MEXICAN Audience would he? Plus, DANA WHITE has gone on record to say THEY ARE GETTING OUT OF THE MMA BUSINESS AND GETTING INTO THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS. UFC is also changing all there “logos” for 2011, it will no longer be “MMA” it will be “UFC” they will have there own sport classified as “UFC”.

Also if you watch the fight closely, none of Cains punches (especially the ones that hit brock) even connected…… Brock Lesnar cut himself, just like in wrestling, to take the pay day. You can see when it happened. Brocks face was way to greased up for a mystery punch to cut him him like that…..

Also, Dan Severn, Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott, ect. Have all gone out in shoot interviews and told everyone that some of the fights ,especially when UFC first started were staged.
Don’t believe me? Dana was so desperate that executives Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, back when Zuffa LLC was formed they were almost bankrupt, that they needed to do something HUGE and consulted with VINCE MCMAHON about the whole thing on how to make this sport more entertaining/mainstream. They came to the conclusion to promote individuals, storylines, ect.

I myself was a little bit upset as the result of UFC 121 but you need to realize its smart business…. The Mexican can promote MEXICO(THE STRONGEST FAN BASE IN ALLLLLL FIGHTING- JUST LOOK AT BOXING) and Brock is a draw without a title…. Its very very smart booking.

If your looking for real fights,Get over it, your better off watching WWE

Holy Crap, where do you guys come from.
RYKER, I bet you think the world trade center was taken down by G Bush also.
Great comment Ryker. Glad you could entertain me.
Keep reading the Enquirer for your info.

These posts always get so interesting..

Sorry Ryker, I have watched the tape and I watched it enough to see the exact punch that cut Lesnar. It was a glancing blow with the inseam of the glove, much like the same punch that cut Randy Couture’s eye a few years back. In the same fashion Randy didn’t cut his own eye lid, neither did Lesnar cut his own face. Watch it again, in slow motion, it’s as clear and clean as day. A blind gorilla could see it.

Hey sorry you don’t believe… if you want the proof, go to ————- and look up the shoot interviews for the guys. Believe what you want, do the math though. Cain punched Kongo in the head over 200 times…. if Cain REALLY punched a guy( they say Cain can punch with over 2500 lbs of force) Kongo would have been killed….. UFC – Some fights are staged. What is so hard to believe? Okay i’ll restate my statement ” Brock made a gigging motion on his face, right after he did he dropped the blade, the ref stepped on it and kicked it out of the cage, and then brock starts squirting blood…. Just like when BROCK STUMBLED ALL OVER THE CAGE cain didn’t even hit him… watch the TAPES again- he was over selling kind of like a slap in the face to CAIN. Also- Check out the Co- Owners of ZUFFA talking that UFC is getting more into ENTERTAINMENT rather than MMA- In 2011, you will NOT be allowed to bet on UFC fights in Vegas, just as you cannot bet on WWE wrestling. I trained with a few of these guys before…. Not all fights are fixed, but a large portion are. Sorry to break it to you

No one is checking out the site your looking to spam and no one buys into the craziness your trying to preach except you. That was fun though, heading off to buy an igloo in Miami.

Ryker you need to stop smoking crack.Stop disrespecting the sport, the fighters and TRUE MMA fans. Obuiously you have never been a fighter or been around any kinda combat sports because if you had you would know better. Nothing you say make any sence.Why would they fix fights because if it was found out it would end the sport of MMA and everyones payday. If UFC is fixed then all of MMA if fixed right? UFC is not hurting for money they do not need mexico to make it.They are huge all over the world. Chuck Liddle was booked months in advance for a Late night talk show and he lost. Cain was going on the show win or lose.Why do believe this crap,It’s rediculous.I bet you belive in aliens and goverment conspiracy too. I know who told you all this crap it’s was Elvis wasn’t it or was it the Batman. Do you have any ideal how many people work for the UFC,the fighters, gaming commision.The independent web site that report the UFC news would love to break that kinda story. It’s not possible to keep a secret like that with out someone telling. I don’t care who said what or when because it’s all bull shit and true MMA fans know it.Your just pissing me of with this kinda retarted,ingorant thinking. Tell you what, how about me and you step in the ring. I”ll give you an ass whooping of you dumbass life and let Extreme John film it and put it on the web. We will let people vote and see who thinks it’s real or not. The next time you have a thought just let it go. Again I will say this, go set in the corner and let the adults talk about MMA.

Now next time James I feel it’s important that you let it all go, this holding back isn’t going to help you :)

Ok look you idiot. Before you comment on something make sure you know what the hell your talking about. First off highsport is some type of wrestling dvd and apperal company. So thats where you get your trustworthy and so called proof from. Oh! now that we all know your 12 years old, lets get to some real info. http://blog.fightmetric.com/2010/08/velasquez-vs-kongo-fightmetric-report.html. shows there were 229 of 269 head jabs landed (jabs you dumbass). 22 of 41 head shots landed. Kongo landed 10 of 20.Cain landed 25 of 51 power head shots on Lesnar. I know what your going to say next, there part of the UFC and in on the conspiracy. You just made you self look stupid. I now know you full of shit and have no ideal what your talking about. Please do us all a favor keep watching your pro wrestling and leave the MMA to the adults.

I’m willing to say the Wrastlin fan was just hoping to spam his site, hence the reason I removed the link.

Off topic a little (what IS the topic anymore), does anyone remember a Chuck Liddell TV interview when he was high as hell ? I mean he was all scratchy and itchy, eyes rolling back in his head, nodding out on national TV!

Hah yeah I sure do! That was funny as hell, or was he smashed? I forget.

For those who haven’t seen it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xwYOFIWlg8 yet. My son says he is high on Oxycontinn (Oxy’s)
But look how slight of build he looks in this interview ? He has no guns, shoulders, nothing.

Wow, those comments were pretty damn interesting. I’m sorry that I’m late to the party.

First off, Ryker, I refuse to believe that the fight was fixed or that Brock cut himself. It’s MMA, not sports entertainment. Why don’t you and Ted Turner go watch some rasslin together…

I stopped watching boxing and the WWE when the UFC came around. Because it’s real and I enjoy watching the competitive bouts. If you’re not into the violence, that’s cool. But it’s still real. And Zuffa proved that they can still have good story lines even though it’s real. Just look at how much of a heel Brock was after his post-UFC 100 speech. His next two fights have been confirmed as the UFC’s highest grossing pay per views ever.

Jake Shields didn’t impress me one bit. And neither did Tito.

yeah Sheilds was like watching a snail try to tackle a frog.

As for Tito, ya know man he fought his ass off but it just wasn’t there he was out matched, no excuses no b ullshit and for once Tito gets the hat tip for that.

Tito spoke like a man, for once. I was surprised! Usually he has every excuse in the book for getting whipped. Someone told me that Tito, Ken Shamrock, and Matt Hughes were all juice monsters holdovers from the old pre Dana White UFC Days. Unable to get away with their juice taking under current UFC Rules and testing, they have been revealed to be mere mortals. If you look at old tape of Matt Hughes, his body is a mere shadow of what it once was.
Of course, he is older too. Any Thoughts ?

Yeah Chris… Im not a speculator and much like Baseball players that roid, I really don’t care. I like the entertainment, Im not looking to priest any of them so if they did, they did I guess. No sense on spinning my wheels about it :)

Wow… those were truly some brutal smashes to the face lol.

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