UFC 98: Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes Prediction

I have been so behind on getting my MMA event posts and UFC 98 posts completed, I also had a few articles planned for MMA Punk. I ended up losing the notepad that had some of the different mixed martial arts topics I wanted to write about. Luckily for me James (@mmapunk on twitter) has been holding it down with some excellent mma information posts, there is this video of Sean Sherk’s “Caveman Training” that just blew me away, that workout is ridiculous.

When I initially posted my UFC 98 Predictions and Results I really wanted to spend a good amount of time reviewing a couple of the fights in detail, specifically Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes and Lyoto Machida vs Rashad Evans. Both fights are very interesting to me for very different reasons and I find myself constantly analyzing these two fights in my head, of course typically trying to justify the outcome that I predicted in my Ufc 98 Predictions. I hardly base those on anything more than my own personal views and what I would like to see, not who I trully think will win.

Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes Fight Promo Video

The Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes fight is interesting to me for a couple of reasons, the main reason being that I share Matt Serra’s hatred of Matt Hughes. Sure plenty of people will want to talk shit because Matt Hughes is one of the all time greats, no kidding and I liked him than. Once Matt Hughes showed his true colors on the Ultimate Fighter my views and respect for him were lost, not because I think he’s a shitty trainer and not because I can’t stand how much of a smug bastard he is. Matt Hughes continued to push his own religious beliefs on the mixed martial arts fighters that were on the Ultimate Fighter, it was beyond annoying and uncalled for.

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I also can not stand how much of an arrogant wise ass that Matt Hughes is either, sure the guy has beat all of the who’s who of MMA action during his time, like I said I liked him than and I respected him than. I guess the easiest way to explain it is that I think Matt Hughes really needs to be punched in the mouth, and I have honestly been waiting to see that happen since the Ultimate Fighter. The wait is finally over and this Saturday the Co-Main Event featuring Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes will finally be delivered after two long awaited years.

This fight is nothing more than a fight between two guys that would have a long way to go before they would be back at the top, this is not for a future title shot nor is it for some glorious anything, it’s a fight to make the fans happy and a fight between two guys who hate each other. I doubt when this fight reaches it’s conclusion and all of the trash talking between the two has finally been decided in the UFC Cage, that anyone will be hugging at the end of the fight. I hope they don’t, it would just destroy the entire, “We hate each other” thing that I still love about mixed martial arts.

Ever since making my initial Ufc 98 Predictions I have been thinking about this fight, and what could possibly give me the outcome that I want to see. I am from New York, I grew up on Long Island, my cousin went to school with Serra… All reason enough for me to stick behind Serra and hpe he gets the win, add in the few things about Hughes that I can’t stand and my choice is a no brainger, Matt Serra HAS TO WIN and here’s why. I can’t stand the thought of listening to Matt Hughes run his mouth in the post fight interview, and Im sure for the rest of his life.

The sad reality however is that I think that Serra needs to keep this fight on his feet if he is going to win it. All though Matt Serra has a Black Belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu I feel that Hughes has the strength to deal with Serra on the ground, and in doing so could very well use his strength to end the fight with some very embarassing ground and pound. Another important factor to take into consideration is that Matt Serra has never been know for being a supreme knockout artists, sure he KO’d George St. Pierre to win the Welterweight Title, that hardly makes him a KO King.

As much as I want to see Matt Serra destroy and silence Matt Hughes this Saturday during UFC 98 I won’t be surprised if I walk away dissapointed. As MMA continues to explode we are being treated to more mainstream media coverage, with Dana White recently appearing on ESPN E:60 and Matt Serra’s Video Blog depicting a very busy Media Day Schedule it leads me to wonder if Serra’s focus has been 100% for this fight. We will find out exactly where Matt Serra’s training and head have been leading up to this fight, did the mainstream expanssion create a distraction or is Serra a good subject to follow, delivering in the video blogs, interviews and media days as well as in the ring?

I am curious what your thoughts are on this fight between Matt Serra and Matt Hughes at UFC 98, share your comments and don’t forget to vote. I have included a few links to some other articles from around the web that discuss and share predictions on UFC 98 and Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes, I hope you find the info useful.

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John, man, I love your UFC posts. I’m actually planning on ordering this ppv, because I’d like to see the two main fights as well. I can’t stand Matt Hughes. And I agree with what you said about what happened on TUF. I would really like to see Serra win for no other reason than just to see Hughes loose. UFC 100 is coming soon my man!

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@TCC haha glad you enjoy my UFC posts, UFC 98 Evans vs Machida has me beyond excited, I wake up everyday and think…. One less day, please hurry up! I think the PPV is a good call on this one, the card is very good and the Serra vs Hughes fight should if nothing else be an entertaining event. I am also very excited about the Sean Sherk vs Frankie Edgar fight as well, I think that will be another excellent battle.

I am with you, riding out the dream that Hughes will get a beat down from Serra… Fingers crossed. As for UFC 100 I am fired up about it, my cousin is even coming in from New York to watch UFC 100 with the army of people that we have here that loves UFC and Mixed Martial Arts.

I will be thinking about ya during the Serra fight my man, fingers crossed!

hey john!
are you going to 98?

rachel’s last blog post..UFC 99: Herring out, Kongo in VS Cain Velasquez

@Rachel no are you? I will be watching live and hammering James from http://www.mmapunk.com at every turn as he posts live results. You know if your going I am going to be jealous. Thank you for posting btw!

Big, big fan of UFC around here. I think Matt Hughes is the Kanye West of UFC in terms of thinking he’s king shit. I hope that Matt Serra will kick his ass and put him in his place 😈

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@TheStarCeleb it’s nice to see there is another Matt Serra fan for Saturday out there, I would love to hear the excuse if Matt Hughes loses I bet he won’t even do an interview.

Well put there John… Looks like another one of your kowledgeless mma posts again… Just kiddin… Middle fingers up to all you Extreme John haters… keep hating all you want, either way his prosperity is going to continue to flourish.

On to the UFC 98 predictions though… this fight is going to be a see saw in my eyes. Both fighters have their ups and downs like everyone else. I believe this fight is going to come down to who has a bigger fuse lit under their ass when it comes 11 o’clock p.m. saturday night and the music is blasting in MGM Grand Garden Arena. Who will prevail? Like you said John, Serra does not seem immensely focused on his bout with Hughes. This could play a huge role in the decision making process. Will Serra be amped up enough? Will his conditioning, striking, ground game, etc be up to par? Will he be in the right mind set or is this the end of the road for two prosperous fighters who have put their all into MMA? Who knows… I do know one thing though, I am fu**in psyched to watch the fights Saturday Night live in the theatre room next to Extreme John… who will most likely be so involved that he might run through his big screen trying to hit Matt Hughes

@Brendan I think you need to be a pitch man or sports announcer, you got into it for a second there brother. I am fired up about UFC 98 also, the Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes fight has me on edge, Lyoto Machida vs Rashad Evans has me jumping off the roof.

@John, well make sure before you jump that you either A. Bring B******** out there to catch you or B. Get really wasted and jump belly first… 😯 😀 … either way, this weekend is going to be a bash and no one is walking out normal… 😉

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