UPS: Transportation Accident Occurred. All Merchandise Discarded.

Much to my surprise that was the information that came up while tracking a $1,110 tanning lotion and after tan moisturizer order I placed online with wholesale tanning supplier Four Seasons ( The last time I can remember a damaged tanning product order coming over from Four Seasons it was back in the days of Fiji “Heiress”, a mega popular moisturizer. The bottles would constantly split in the middle due to a terrible design flaw.

Back when damaged Heiress bottles seemed like the norm, Four Seasons always took care of product replacements without a hassle and always expedited any replacement orders. I would attribute most of that to my long-time sales representative Lori, she’s always right on point.

Orlando: Tanning Product Shipment Damaged in UPS Accident

Tanning Lotion Delivery Damaged

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to this order being damaged in transit. As soon as I found out about it I had my Business Manager Michele call Lori and explain what happened. Within a few minutes we had confirmation that all but one box had been damaged in the accident, and more importantly we had reassurance from Four Seasons that replacement product would be expedited.

The one box that wasn’t damaged in the accident arrived on Friday. I was also pleasantly surprised when the rest of the order in it’s entirety arrived via UPS on Monday, only one business day after notifying Four Seasons.

Parting Shots

After seeing such detailed information in the tracking I grew attached to this UPS situation. I almost feel disconnected because there weren’t any pictures of the accident scene or the even a little morsel showing damage to the UPS truck. Since UPS supplied everything but the beef…

UPS Truck Accident

Image cred: The News Herald

You’re Up

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UPS doesn’t deliver to the front door anymore, they leave the package right next to your couch.

Wouldn’t that be convenient.

Myeah… With such pros I should do it myself

I meant you pay money to UPS (this company considers itself as professionals in delivering packages) or other companies to do things right and look how good they work.

That’s really funny! I’m glad it all worked out, but I’ve never seen anything like this in my UPS tracking (though I have seen “Cannot deliver. Natural disaster.”)

What!?! You have?? Please explain :)

Extremely CrAzY story there brother but thanks for sharing.
Now all you lazy Valentines out there have an excuse,
“Honey, the UPS that had your gift had a transportation accident”
your gift will be coming as soon as they can re ship it.
Everyone do the right thing and take care of your woman / man today.
Happy Valentines Day to all EJ Readers !!!@!!!

I think UPS create their own way not to deliver form house to house; and that is great in our generation.

WOW! My company has sold hundreds of thousands of products over the last seven years, all of them shipped, and I’ve never heard of an accident like this! Many times, for one reason or another, a shipment might not get to its final destination, but for them to inform me of an actual accident is unheard of to me! I hope you got your money back!

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