Visual Keyword Research Tools You Should Be Using

Google Adwords is the preferred keyword research tool for most webmasters.  It is an effective way to determine the traffic and credibility of almost any keyword, but it is often hard to draw connections between related keywords.  You may need help finding new keywords and making sure that the keywords you are using are still closely affiliated with the theme of your site.

There are a few keyword tools that allow you to come up with new keyword ideas by making visual comparisons between your keywords and those that are closely related.  Graphical relationships help you identify new prospects without getting too far from your intended SEO goals.

KwMap is one tool you may want to consider.  It generates a visual and textual representation of related keywords.  Many other keyword tools only provide keywords that have a root word in common.  However, KwMap not only provides synonyms, but words that have a close semantic relationship.  For example, if you use the word business, you would not only come up with words related to corporations but may also come up with specific business theories that people may be searching for.

Another tool that provides visual relationships between keywords is Quintura.  This tool generates a visual cloud as well textual search references.  It can also provide a cloud of keywords that are relevant to a specific domain.  Currently, the tool seems to be experiencing some technical problems, but hopefully they will be resolved soon.

If Quintura is not exactly what you are looking for, you can try using Keyword Spy instead.  The tool is very similar and extremely effective.  When I did a search for the keyword “Karate,” I received close to 100 keywords.  Some that were particularly relevant such as “Shotokan Karate” showed up in very large text.  Keywords such as “Taekwondo” were pretty large as well.  More specific or less relevant keywords showed up in much smaller text.

When I was optimizing my Medifast discounts and Nutrisystem coupons site, I did a search to determine the relevance of my target keywords.  I found that the keywords most relevant to our domain were diet related, which was exactly what I was hoping for.  Keyword Spy proved to be a very effective tool for optimizing my site.

Wordle also offers a way for you to see which content is relevant to a specific site.  Unlike Adwords, these keywords are shown in cloud representations.  The size of the words reflects how relevant the keyword is to that particular domain.  This is an especially important tool for webmasters who want to see how well they are optimizing their website for their target keywords.

Sometimes, having visual representations of your keywords can be extremely valuable.  Many of us are visual learners and it is easier to make comparisons of keywords through visual keyword tools.  Also, these tools make it possible to see how strongly correlated keywords are with each other, which wouldn’t be possible with Google Adwords.

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Great ideas! I also like using when I’m searching for product-related keywords – that helps with my retail marketing bigtime.

That is an interesting idea, thanks for sharing. Do you only use this for retailing on ebay or for your own sites as well?

Personally, I use Market Samurai for all my keyword research.

Market Samurai sounds like a good one as well. I personally don’t have much experience with it though.

Adwords is probably the best tool out there but I also use WordStream’s keyword tool ( which is pretty good too.

Yes there are many different keyword tools and I agree that by itself Adwords is the best. Namely, you need it because it offers traffic data, but other tools give other intelligence that is equally valuable.

My only question to you is if there’s any tools like these working for Sweden.

The thing about all of my Swedish websites is that I always do the KW research with the help of Google Keyword Tool. But whenever I decide to try some other tool out — it doesn’t work with Swedish characters. Is that the case with the tools you’re mentioning in this post?

/Nabil, from Sweden.

According to my research all tools provides variable results. When we do research we read a reading from the table but practically results are different.

Cool stuff, I’ll pass this along to my outsource, I don’t know what she uses.

I use Google Adwords because I trust it the most but this tool (and market samurai) could be helpful for finding keywords you want to research. I’ll look into it. Thanks a lot!!

I have used many tools but the most reliable is Google Adwards.This tool is my friend in SEO and SEM.

Frankly its all chinese algebra to me. Adwords seems expensive. I’ll stick to organic.

Hey Kalen
it’s very useful infomation. I’ve always done my keyword research using google keyword tool and also Market Samurai to get depth infomation. But I have never heard about Kwmap, Quintura, or Wordle yet. Thanks for your sharing.


Thank you Ery. I am glad to help. Market Samurai is a good one to use, but I believe you have to pay for premium features.

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