Weekly Link Dump 49: Playing Angry Birds On Google Plus

It’s time for the weekly link dump here at Extreme John to recap all of the week’s goings on here at EJ! The weekly link dump is a weekly recap feature that lets you to catch up on everything that’s been going on here at Extreme John.com over the past week. If you have been here before then you know what the weekly link dump feature is all about…but in the spirit of learning something new here is your new fact for the week: Did you know that Americans consume about 10 billion donuts each year? That’s a LOT of donuts!

Now, on with the recap but if you missed last week’s weekly recap you can find it here.

Top Contributors

As always we start with the top contributors for the week here at Extreme John. A huge thanks goes out to everyone who dropped in this week to share their comments and a special thanks to our top three contributors of the week!

  • Debi @Reviews,giveaways, and deals for the whole family from The Springmount 6 Pack has moved up to first this week!
  • Noel Addison@Web Design Ventura from NDIC comes in second this week!
  • Albert@social networking websites from Affiliate Networking has placed in third this week!

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Extreme John Weekly Link Dump

Angry Birds For Google+

Business News

Business Blitz: Google Analytics Adds Real Time Traffic Data

Business Blitz: 6 Steps You Should Take Toward Successful Blogging

Business Blitz: The Best Five Minutes You’ll Ever Spend In SEO

Business Blitz: Apple Gets Denied the Multi-Touch Trademark By The Patent Office

Business Blitz: The New Net Neutrality Rules Are Made Official

Extreme John Life

Google Plus Game Review: Angry Birds

Marketing Examples

Friday Free for All: Small Business Owners Are You Targeting Long Tail Keywords?

About Twitter Chats

Small Business Tips

About Twitter Chats

How Important is Social Media to Small Businesses?

Social Media Tips

Google Plus Game Review: Angry Birds

Death Match: Facebook vs. TV (Introducing Facebook’s New Platform)

Parting Shots

It’s been another great week here at EJ and if you didn’t get too caught up playing Angry Birds on Google Plus then you may have checked out some of the hot business headlines this week! If you’re ready for more hot business tips just stay tuned this coming week!

Your Turn

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Tweet-based Angry Birds are just every where. Is there a lead that they have upgraded the 140 (or less) characters? My 12 year old daughter keeps asking. Thanks for sharing 😉

Nice round up, quite a few good article you have pointed out here.

This may seem off topic but this week the thing which really bothered me and made me so upset was to see Steeve Job’s latest photographs where he looked really frail and sick. Man we’re seeing here one of the richest man around and yet who cannot buy himself good health. This was really a wake up call to me.

Wow look at me, LOL

As for business news, for me, The Spring Mount 6 Pack has signed up for some new affilate programs ( going to try yours out this week I think) and it seems to be going well. I will see.

As always thanks for the good information. I need to check out all the links you posted to see what other tips and tricks I can pick up.

10 billion donuts a year? I am starting to feel sick just thinking about that.

On a more positive note, congrats to Debi, Noel and Albert. You guys are clearly model readers and serve as an inspiration to me and everyone else!

Thanks for the mention! I’m glad to be one of the top three contributors of the week. And it’s surprising to know that angry birds is now in Google+.

I thank you for your recognition as me as a top contributor for this week!

Oh,this week I enkoy your AngryBirds review…After reading it,I have become addicted to Google+ games

Angry Birds, Farmville & Maffia Wars.
All a total waste of time yet so many get sucked into them.

Watching TV is a waste of time, along with numerous other things that we do to RELAX.

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