Weekly Link Dump 53: Halloween Pictures From My Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

It’s time for the weekly link dump here at Extreme John to recap all of the week’s goings on here at EJ! The weekly link dump is a weekly recap feature that lets you to catch up on everything that’s been going on here at Extreme John.com over the past week. If you have been here before then you know what the weekly link dump feature is all about…but in the spirit of learning something new here is your new fact for the week: Did you know that President Jimmy Carter is said to be able to speed read at the rate of 2,000 words per minute? And you thought you could read quickly!

Now, on with the recap but if you missed last week’s weekly recap you can find it here.

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Extreme John Weekly Link Dump

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Thanks Again John for nomination. I am still at rank three.

You’re quite welcome, Nawaz!

I liked the social media tips about Facebook marketing.

Hi, I enjoyed the business related articles, especially the one on creating a brand with limited budget. I personally like articles related to budgeting for small businesses.

Thanks, Scott. Hope you enjoyed!

This is the most informative post in my opinion: Want To Take Your Affiliate Earnings Extreme – 5 Powerful Strategies To Get Started?

My affiliate earnings have increased after applying some of the strategies listed there, like writing honest reviews and disclosing affiliate links.

Thanks, Chris! Glad I could help!

Angel thanks for providing huge collection and although it is my first visit here and with the amazing contents, I hope to be another regular visitor here.

This is a very informative post idea. I do have one and try suggestions I have this blogs for months and it seems I cant get the process to increase comments. Thanks for this one.

Network with other webmasters and try to get your viewers to interact with questions and informative posts.

Congrats to all top contributors!
Well,I liked most the article that talked about the common fears in business..thanks EJ!

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