Why Write a Blog?

I initially started Extreme John.com as a regular HTML based web site that I updated with pictures and links to some friends, it only updated every few months at best. After meeting up with Mike (@shotofcoffee on Twitter) a couple of years ago I instantly liked the easy concept of writing a blog and updating the site easily.

Mike completely runs RSS Builders one of our online business’s offers a professional article writing service for Blog owners, it really is a handy little service. We recently started using RSS Builders on our Extreme Tan and Smoothies blog and the results have been amazing in a very short period of time.

Meeting up with Mike and Shage from RSS Builders really gave me my first exposure to blogs and what they actually were. This is still pretty funny to me because prior to actually finding out what blogs were I had already been making money from blogs and bloggers all over the internet. I won’t be getting into the details of it here as it’s pretty irrelevant in regards to this post, I will say that as new as I might be in regards to having a blog I am hardly new to the web. I have had websites and domain name real estate for a little over 10 years, which includes piling up some excellent search engine results and more traffic in an hour than most would expect in a month.

After meeting up with Mike and Shage I quickly knew that I wanted to change my site format from a basic site design to a blog, and ever since that time I have been discussing all kinds of things. I have plenty of Rants here, I also have plenty of articles about the things I might be into at that time for example Twitter. Regardless of what I post on here it seems that people constantly ask me why I would write a blog or have a blog, which really isn’t that silly of a question. I don’t use the site to make money and I really don’t have any specific specialty that I write about on here, my reviews are hardly written in a professional manor and my blogging tips are hardly high quality or anything to write home about.

I recently decided that I wanted to write a few reasons as to why I have a blog, what my main purpose was… Whats the real reason, the goal? Why do I sit here and waste time writing a blog? Pretty much anything and everything that I do is related to Business or trying to turn a small project into something big, ya know the never ending dream. The more I thought about it the more I realized I really don’t have a “reason” to write this blog or probably any blog for that matter, each time I opened this post to write it I really couldn’t find a single reason behind why I have this site setup.

All of that changed today when I went in to delete this draft and move on to something else, I have this big exciting dumb article I want to write titled Jon and Kate Plus 20 that I have been chomping at the bit to do. As I went to delete this post I decided to click the edit button to see if maybe I had put some text in place the last time I logged into the post, I hadn’t yet. Than after looking at the image you see above I started to have chain thoughts of a few of the reasons I like having Extreme John on the web, and now I sit here probably 10 paragraphs in and have yet to post one single reason why I like having he site, here are just a few of the reasons I write a blog.

1. Learning

I constantly like to learn new things, the internet offers a ridiculous amount of information and knowledge if your not already aware of that I suggest you search Google, Bing or Ask.com for anything that might be on your mind right now. Here are a few of the things I have learned since starting my blog.

Digg – If I hadn’t turned my site into a blog format I never would have learned about Digg, learning about Digg than gave me the knowledge to understand what something like Twittley could do if I [intlink id=”2279″ type=”post”]added the feature to my site[/intlink].

WordPress Plugins – I can sit and read through the WordPress Plugins site for hours. I enjoy reading about WordPress Plugins, but I really like installing them and seeing what the different widgets are out there to go with the plugins I use and even have written a couple of article on the Plugins I use here.

2. Stress Relief

I don’t even really know if this works or holds any value but for some reason I have myself believing that writing about crap on here works as some sort of stress reliever.

Cry for Me allowed me to write out some of what I was thinking in regards to people opening their mouth about things that they have no idea about.

My entire Smackable Series is an outlet for me to vent about all of the stupid little things that piss me off through out the day or week, I like the comments that this series usually sparks.

3. Rants

After a company or service pisses me off it feels great to vent, below are a few of the things I have vented about in the past, for whatever reason it seems to eaze the anger.

Posts like “Big T Your Still a Jackass” allow me to reflect back on how I feel about someone that I thought was a pretty decent person, that person turned out to be a jackass.

When I wrote Dreadful Dunkin Donuts about the size of the lines at Dunkin Donuts it was just the beginning of numerous Dunkin Donuts related rants.

Riddle Me This was written to express my feelings on local Pinellas County school closings, which included my Daughters school. I also shared some pictures of the school and what they were doing to try and keep the school open, as well as one of the new pretty parks they decided to  build while having these big budget cuts.

4. Reviews

I like writing about the different vacations I take, products I use and places I visit to get some grub. I will review just about anything given the opportunity, here are a few of my most recent reviews.

Krispy Kremes vs Dunkin Donuts – I took some nice pictures to support this review and comparison between the two donut and coffee companies.

Kobys Steakhouse Review and Pictures – We went out with some of the family one night to eat at the Palm Harbor Kobys Japanese Steakhouse, I snapped a few pictures of the entertainment which were shared in this popular Steakhouse Review.

Uber Twitter for Blackberry – This article took off and I received a tremendous amount of Twitter messages from everyone saying thank you. If you want a Twitter tool for your Blackberry cell phone Uber Twitter a try.

5. Pictures

I have family and friends all over the place due to my travels and ten years of work experience with Home Depot, the family has moved all over the place through the years as well. Pictures allow me to share whats going on with family and friends as well as a place to organize my photos in a place I can access from anywhere. Here are a few of my most recent articles that included pictures.

A Day at Tampa International Airport – My son recently took a trip, I decided to share the trip to the airport as well as pictures from the airport in this article.

Bikini Beer Pong – We recently had a party for our staff at Extreme Tan and Smoothies, we played some Beer pong and I decided to share the pictures here.

Florida Storm Pictures – I took these pictures of an approaching Saturday Night Storm here in Palm Harbor Florida, these pictures were taken in different stages as the storm moved into the area.

6. Opinion

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am a very passionate guy, especially in regards to sharing my opinion and of course sharing my opinion on things I have no business sharing my opinion on. I like sharing my opinion on current events, celebrity news, business, customer service and reality tv to name a few.

Indoor Tanning is an Economy Indicator – I often share my opinion on the economy and business or in this case my opinion on a business that I am involved in and the current economy.

Disgusting News – sometimes I share my opinion and sometimes I decide to hold that opinion back and listen to your comments about a specific topic, my Disgusting News article is one of those articles.

Loud in Bed.. Go to Jail – There are also those times I share my opinion on some pretty funny news stories or current events, my Loud in Bed article is one of those.

7. Blogging Tips

With over ten years of experience owning and operating my own websites to make money online, I have plenty of experience that I can share. When it comes to blogs and blogging I really don’t have any magical mystical secrets or blogging tips, however I do have the experience of being a new blogger and the ability to share things that I think a new blogger might find useful with my new blogger tips. Here are a few of the articles I have written with Tips for new bloggers or people looking to Network with others online.

Twitter Safety – This article was written to help people in making smart decisions while being involved in the Twitter craze, explaining safety precautions that everyone should keep in mind.

Twitter Tools and Resources – I wrote this article to share some of the various tools I have come across and use in establishing my Twitter network.

Gravtars, DoFollow, Comment Luv and Keyword Luv – I wrote this article to inform new bloggers of a few of the tools available to help increase your blog comments and overall blog traffic.

8. Business

I am the CEO of Insane Limos, Inc. and Extreme Tan and Smoothies, Inc., having an active traffic portal works nicely for releasing news and information about either of the two business’s. It also allows me to dabble in other business ventures by seeing the response to something I post or simply by asking my readers to read about it here, this has been helpful with testing our Mixed Martial Arts news site MMA Punk.

I wrote this article to announce the first airing of our Insane Limos HD TV Commercial, it allowed me to show my friends and family that were not in the viewing area to see the commercials as well.

This site also allows me to share personal pictures from my experiences that involve either of our business’s, like these pictures of the stripper pole in Andre our Giant F-650 Limo.

Having Extreme John.com also allows me to communicate with our indoor tanning customers after special events or tanning salon parties, I recently posted this video from the Extreme Tan and Smoothies birthday event.

9. Advertising

As much as I claim I do not make money or advertise here on my site it’s actually not true, I often use the site to advertise new specials we are offering at our tanning salons or to advertise new services that we offer with Insane Limos. I can’t tell you how many limos we have booked thanks to articles I have written here or how many new indoor tanning customers we now service thanks to the tanning information I post here. Here are a few recent articles I have written to market our products or services.

Shortly after announcing that we now offer Mobile Airbrush Tanning services at Extreme Tan and Smoothies I released these pictures of a mobile airbrush tan, doing so allowed me to show the results of mobile airbrush tanning to potential customers as well as existing customers.

We often do some crazy events and offer extreme specials on tanning packages and indoor tanning lotions, I used my blog to announce our first Balloon Event.

We recently announced that Insane Limos added Apple Tv’s to our entire fleet of limos, that announcement and the traffic from that announcement has gone a long way.

10. Fun

Based on the things I listed above I would have to say one of the main reasons I have a blog is because I have fun with it, one way or another I enjoy posting things here for others to read. Here are a few of the articles I had fun writing or reading again sometime after it was originally posted.

Crazy Lady – I had fun writing this article and talking about this experience with others but I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on this article.

English Bulldog Swimming Video – I had a blast getting Reagan our one year old English Bulldog to learn how to swim, I still like watching this video from time to time.

Blog About Nothing – I must have had a good time writing this blog post which was suppose to be about nothing, it turned out to be one of the most commented articles here as well as a post with a ton of information in it.

Now that it’s a few hours later and I am finally finished writing 10 reasons that I write this blog, if this is your first time here you now have an idea of the things I write about, if your interested subscribe to my RSS feed so you know when I post something new. If your a blogger post a link to your site and a short description of what you write about and share it with everyone here, my blog is DoFollow so you will get the link love.

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Hi, it is good to update your site regularly in the aspects of crawler. And you are absolutely right that you have fun with blog.Blog is very crucial for our site.

John, I have learned so much from posts, like these, that you've done over the last year. You always provide insight and very useful information. I signed up for Twitter simply based on your recommendation. And several of the widgets and ideas I implemented, I read about on here first. Thank you for taking the to post this stuff!

Great post with easy explanation. I like the post. thanks for sharing.

Yeah I agree with the Constant Complainer , Thanks again for takin the time to breakdown the reason why you specifically like to blog. I learned tons of useful information and got a some incite to what tools you use etc. But my favorite part of the article is where you say in reason #6. “I am a passionate guy, especially in regards to sharing my opionion on something I have no business sharing my opinion on!” lol .

Yeah, Bolgs are the best way to talk our mind thoughts to others, But you are using it in the most efficient manner.

The greatest thing that I am getting from a blog is Stress Relief. It’s my hobby to write a lot of blogs. Thanks.

Eye opening post John. It’s amazing how blogging could be a form to earn money, but what’s even more amazing is the priceless benefits that one could earn through it, like strengthening our intellect by sharing views and opinions with other people. Blogging is here to stay! :)

Very interesting post and I particularly agree with no.s 1, 4 and 6. I recently re-commenced my blog writing and chose a similar topic to you to kick things off and we agreed on some themes of ‘why we write blogs?’ Take a look if interested http://adamellis1985.wordpress.com/2009/08/

Almost all reason given to blog. For those who aims to make money from blog and started blogging just to make some money will eventually give up within weeks or months. The amount of time spend on content creation, link building, seo, etc is definitely not worth of what we really earns from a blog. Those who able to support longer and never give up starts to see some profit. But, it is not like we can earn 3 or 4 figure income within 3 to 6 months of blogging.
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I think this is one of your longest entry here. BTW, I noticed a couple of spam comments :)

Well I blog because its part of my job but visiting other blogs is worthwhile because I learn and get fresh ideas all the time.
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I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, :)

A definite great read….


Nice Post. thanks for sharing this .. Blog is very crucial for our site. I learned tons of useful information and got a some incite to what tools you use etc..

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