Why You Need to Step Up Your Game to Get More Facebook Fans

You just created an awesome Facebook page. You filled it with some cool pictures, elegantly described your business and even added some cool posts. Your page rocks and you start waiting for fans.

Unfortunately, many businesses find that many of those fans never come. They may wait for over a year and the only fans they get are their mom and a few people from their personal network. This can easily be one of the most humbling things an entrepreneur has to go through.

Too many businesses decide they need to give up on Facebook at this point. They figure all the excitement about how great it would be to create a Facebook page were just hype. They abandon their page and all the hard work they put into it went to waste.

Rather than giving up, you should take a new approach. Creating a great Facebook page is like building a successful blog. In order to pull it off, you need to put in some blood, sweat and tears. You weren’t expecting anything else, right?

The truth is that creating a great fan page isn’t going to be enough. That would be like having the best blog in the world and never lifting a finger to promote it. Here are some ways to get people to your Facebook landing page.

Optimize Your Page

I have noticed a strange phenomenon with SEO. Many bloggers think it’s the only thing that can provide any value to their site. They think about it way too much.

On the other hand, when those same entrepreneurs decide to create a Facebook page, SEO goes out the window. I don’t know why that is, but you don’t want to forget about how valuable search engines are when it comes to driving traffic to your Facebook page.

Although Facebook is a pagerank 10 site, that doesn’t mean your page is going to rank at the top of Google. You need to make sure that you optimize it properly.

Here are some things you want to think about when you setup your fan page:

  • Use keywords properly in titles. You probably already know that you should have the keywords of your website in your title. However, Facebook doesn’t afford you the same flexibility in doing so as you would have on your own website. A couple years ago, Facebook cracked down on many users who have fan pages with very generic titles such as “web design.” Why would they do this? Keep in mind that Facebook intended to create fan pages to build business and product brands. These urls seemed very spammy and Facebook decided they were a violation of their terms of service. Therefore, you will want to have the keywords in your fan page, but will also want to make sure that the page accurately describes your company or services as well.
  • Working keywords into the url. Once you have attained 25 fans, Facebook allows you to receive a username and short url. This is important because it will help you market your business more effectively and give you the opportunity to add keywords into your links.
  • Link strategically. Just like any website, Google considers the relevancy of any outgoing links as a key ranking factor. Placing links to your website in the info tab is extremely important. However, you should also include relevant links within the stream of posts as well. Of course, you want to use links naturally, so make sure you have some posts that just provide some information that your users will like to read.
  • Use the About box. The About box is an important tool to utilize. Keyword prominence is essential to SEO and is probably even more important than keyword density. The About box is towards the top of the page, so keywords will have more significance there.
  • Use info tabs strategically. The info tabs on the page can have a ton of SEO value. You will need to think about the best way to structure them. There are plenty of opportunities for you to use the locations of your business, which will help you increase your SEO rankings for your local keywords.
  • Get as many fans as possible. Every fan that you have provides you with a backlink to your webpage. This will drastically increase your rankings. Therefore, you need to think about building your fan base concurrently with your SEO strategy. As you gain more fans, you will find it much easier to improve your search engine rankings.

Creating strong search engine rankings can help you improve the exposure of your Facebook fan page. Just don’t lose site of the purpose you created a fan page in the first place. You want a page that is going to be engaging to your audience. You don’t want to setup any social networking profile like it was written by an SEO copywriter.

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All good advice but I think the most importan thing about your Facebook page is to keep your status updates viral – make them funny, attractive, witty – something that will get your users to Share, yes, with a capital S. Enough shares bring in the Likes and even more shares.

Thank you Anne. That is so true. I was primarily concerned with the fact that many people are neglecting to do SEO with their fan page. That is obviously a must these days.

Amazing tips !
Facebook is a great resource,especially for small business, but the competition now It’s real and even big companies play their games, so an advanced marketing plan is a must nowadays

So true Albert! You definitely need to make sure that you step up your marketing game if you want to get anywhere with your FB page. Thanks for the reply!

These are really great tips Kalen. I’m working on a redesign and moving to a new domain, so I’ll be launching a new fan page. I’m definitely going to use some of the above tips when I do.

Great stuff. Thanks!

Thank you Adam! I am glad I can help and I would love to see how it turns out! You have a cool blog by the way.

Cool tips! One thing more, the admin of the Facebook page should always make sure that he/she will always keep the fanpage up to date and that the audience will receive a good reply to all of their questions. I think that that is one of the good things every blogger/admin should know and do – to communicate. Thanks!

Thank you Angel! Yes keeping your fan page up to date is very important both for SEO and for interacting with your fans. An abandoned page is useless.

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