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I am back from taking a couple of days of from writing to enjoy the weekend, all though I am writing this at around 6:45pm on Sunday night, so maybe I didn’t take the entire weekend off to slack.

Anywayzzzzz, just a few days ago I posted “Holy Crap Big Shark Video“, I was going through some of the comments and responding to them when I came to the article mentioned above. I decided to watch the video again before I moved on to going through my feed reader and checking out some of my favorite sites, after watching the video I was curious as to how many views the video had.

After clicking through to the actual You Tube Video and seeing that it had something like 96 views, in my opinion a video that should have a lot more views than 96. Either way it is what it is, I decided to scroll down and take a glimpse at what related videos came up on the sidebar.

That’s when I came to the video below, I always read comments when going through blogs and different websites that I enjoy, I do the same thing anytime I check out a You Tube video. With all of the fake crap videos that come up when your looking for something specific it’s always pretty comical to watch people go off in the comments of the video. The video below is not a fake at all, the title “Shark Attack” is misleading though, this video has something like 96,000 views.

Now here is where you come in, the comments on the video below all seem to have the same general message to the person standing on the shoreline toying with the shark, before you go and look at the comments I would like it if you could first watch the video than immeiatley leave a comment with the thoughts going through your head when the video ended, or while you watched it. Once you leave a comment be sure to check out the comments on the actual You Tube video itself, I am curious if your immediate thoughts shared the same opinion as the 100+ commenters.

Shark Attack Video

Leave a comment and let me know what went through your mind people! Oh yeah I did include a pretty cool Shark video to make up for making you watch the video above with the false title, enjoy and have a great Monday.

Shark Tour Video

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I was honestly thinking that he was for sure gonna get his hand bit off or something. But overall, a pretty meanigless video…Pretty funny how both these videos had way more views than your friends, but were way worse…interesting.

That sucks about the views on your video. Maybe you can do a video response for one of the bigger shark videos on you tube that will show your shark video. Greg Ellison
.-= Greg Ellison´s last blog ..John Chow’s Website is down =-.

that was a awsome video dude I was expecting something diffrent a couple weeks ago I dissected a shark that looked like that 😀
.-= blogging boy´s last blog ..DUTCH WONDERLAND =-.

@Tyler I was thinking he was going to get his arm ripped off.

@Greg Im really not worried about the view count, I just thought it was comical and wanted to point it out.

@Blogging Boy did you really? What kind of shark?

I am shocked that no one has the same outrage shared in the comments on the actual video.

Yep… your video with Sang relieving himself was much better than those two lame videos. I definitely thought something exciting was getting ready to happen in the first one…. but was disappointed. The page-views for Sang’s video will probably grow over time.
.-= Doug Dillard´s last blog ..Making Money Online Selling Posters =-.

At first I thought something was going to happen with these two sharks, but finally it was all fine… well, I don’t have much things to say about these two videos…
.-= Benjamin Cip´s last blog ..What Are The Plugins You Are Using On Your Blog? =-.

Is anyone pissed that he didn’t put the shark back in the water?
.-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Holy Crap Big Shark Video =-.

God damn, I was just about to say ‘there goes his hand,’ man that was lucky.
.-= jason´s last blog ..I hate scam e-mails… =-.

Honestly John, I was hoping the shark was going to crack the guy a good one in the nuts with his tail, but it wasn’t to be. :(
.-= Sire´s last blog ..Best Defence Against Swine Flu Is Flu Defence? =-.

Yes, I went to a science explorer camp and I actually dissected a tiger shark. I also dissected a squid too. I blogged about it too!
.-= blogging boy´s last blog ..DUTCH WONDERLAND =-.

@Jason imagine how loud he would have screamed, if that thing was an Alligator he would be donzo.

@Sire I would have to agree a shot in the pebbles would have been great.

@Blogging Boy that’s pretty bad ass, all though I prefer seeing the suckers alive and in the ocean…. not near me.

Gotta say, I was thinking how much cooler it’d have been if he were in the water with that thing :mrgreen:
.-= Hard Rocking South African´s last blog ..Featured Video =-.

interesting videos, thanks for sharing….
i like the shark attack.
.-= inapaler@DesktopTube´s last blog ..Land page =-.

That video was pretty tame, though there was a thought that maybe the shark would attack on land. That would have been pretty cool, except for the guy who would have lost his hand. I don’t suppose a shark has a lot of power out of the water, though.
.-= Keith@Norman Rockwell Art´s last blog ..Oct 26, Norman Rockwell Museum: Making Vacations Memorable =-.

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